The Beginning of Spring

26 Feb

The moment you realize that spring is about to, well, spring is one of the best moments of the year in my opinion. It gives this sense that there is hope that the snow will end and you will be able to go outside in shorts again (not just to the gym) and it will be sociably acceptable.

Of course this moment of realization is different for everyone in timing and what triggers it. For my mom, it is seeing the first Crocus pop out of the ground. For my roommate, it was the sun still being up past six o’clock. For me, today was the day. Why you might ask. Today was the first Yankees spring training game. Being a huge Yankee (and baseball in general) fan, this is a monumental day every year. The journey to 28 has officially begun.

For those of you who are not into baseball or sports let me fill you in on why baseball=spring:

  • It is called spring training for a reason even if it does start in February
  • Just being able to watch them play in Florida or Arizona makes you feel warmer
  • The warm memories of summers past sitting in the stands at the Stadium fill your mind
  • They are the “Boys of Summer” after all

It also helps that today was a rather warm day in Newport (and by warm I mean I think it hit 40 degrees) and I’m only 14 days away from joining the Yankees in Tampa


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