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Buying a New CD… and I don’t mean on iTunes

29 Mar

It’s finally March 29th! Most of you are probably thinking “yeah… and?” For me and others who grew up in and still rock out to the music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s it has been an anticipated date because Britney Spears’ new CD Femme Fatale dropped today! (Can you tell I’m excited?)

I’ve been a Britney fan since …Baby One More Time came out in 1998. I’ve watched her climb the charts on TRL everyday after school and watched her crash in the tabloids, but I still love her even more because she can come back. Like Ellen said yesterday, “Britney’s back bitch!”

Needless to say I own every Britney CD (like the actual CDs with cases and everything). Since downloading music (legally and illegally) became so popular not many people buy actual CDs anymore. Billboard even has a special chart just for digital downloads. However, there are certain people, Britney being one, that I always buy the actual CD when it comes out. Typically these are people that I was buying CDs of before I started downloading music (Britney, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake and the likes… Go ahead, call me a nerd, but I still love them). So buying Britney’s new CD was a no brainer.

 Despite never being able to leave home without my iPod, I would much rather pop a CD in when I’m driving around. I feel it’s a much more authentic listening experience because you’re listening to the tracks in the order that the artist or producer wanted them to be heard

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Throwback Song… Thanks Pandora

27 Mar

When left in the hypothetical hands of the mastermind computer behind Pandora Internet Radio, my music preferences tend to pleasantly surprise me. Today, thanks to my *NSYNC and Britney Spears stations, Pandora gave me O-Town’s “All or Nothing.” Don’t remember O-Town? I doubt anyone who isn’t a twenty-something woman does. You know the show Making the Band on MTV? I know it was a few years ago, but really rack your brains. Diddy made two crappy “bands” that didn’t last more than a couple years? Ahh yea, now you’re with me. Well before Diddy took the show to MTV, Lou Pearlman (the man behind Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC) made a band on ABC. That boy band became O-Town, the not as successful competition to BSB and *NSYNC.

I had forgotten all about them! The fact that the song grabbed my attention instead of just being background noise to my thesis thought makes it today’s Song of the Day. When it came on, I found myself singing along and had to pause and go “wait a minute, what is this song I know all the words to?” (We all do that at some point) before clicking to the Pandora tab on my browser to see.

I didn’t choose it because it is this great song from the past or because it brings back these awsome memories for me to share with you, but simply because at one point or another I really appreciated this one. That one point or another was during my boy-band-crazed preteen/teenage years. So for your viewing and listening pleasure, I give you Ashley, Jacob, Trevor, Erik, and Dan’s “All or Nothing.” And just because it fits with the throwback idea, “These are the Days.”

A Bottle of Water

27 Mar

Yes, we all need water to survive so clearly a bottle of water is something that gets us through the day, BUT really think about it. How refreshing is a cold bottle of Poland Springs? (Or whatever your favorite brand is) Whether you have just left the gym or are reaching for water to cure that Sunday morning hang over water just hits the spot.

Surprisingly, it even makes for a good procrastination tool. As I’m sitting in the library attempting to work on the rough draft of my senior thesis, my bottle of water is serving as a nice break when that twinge of writer’s block kicks in. Whenever I come to a pause, or don’t know how to start the next paragraph I just reach for a sip. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying water is the cure to writer’s block, because I haven’t really found anything inspiring in the bottom of the plastic bottle, but it does occupy my hands when I know they should be typing away.

I also find water to be a mind trick/comfort when eating. I hate to admit this, but I like to pretend that if I have a minor binge eating day, drinking mass amounts of water will flush the food through my body faster so the calories don’t count. I know I sound like Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy when she says she thinks that is no one sees her eat a stick of butter then it doesn’t count, but whatever helps get me through right? Everything is okay when justifiable… okay maybe no everything… Don’t judge me just go drink some water.

Coming Home

22 Mar

Many people long for a vacation. We all sit at our desks with out heads in La-La-Land daydreaming about laying on a beach somewhere warm. At least that’s usually where my mind is, especially after this winter. And sure vacation is nice. Okay, vacation is usually amazing. But what about how good it feels to come home.

I love coming home to my own bed. There’s just something about that worn in spot that is so comforting. Hotel beds are usually nice, ya know, if you don’t stay at the Cockroach Inn, but there is nothing like curling up under your own blankets.

When children are little their beds are their safe places. It is where they hide under the covers from the monsters in their closets and when they have nightmares. Your own bed offers a certain comfort from the outside world and gives this feeling that you can finally be at peace and really get a good night’s sleep.

Live Music

6 Mar

Maybe it is because I am a music fanatic, or maybe it is because I just love to dance and sing along, but there is nothing better than live music. Be it a cover band, karaoke, or the real thing live on tour, the atmosphere live music offers is always energizing and fun.
When I’ve had a bad day, walking into a bar and stumbling upon a band/person playing will always cheer me up. Since the people that play at bars aren’t typically very good they always welcome the audience to sing along. What is better than belting out a chorus of “Don’t Stop Believin'” with your best friends at your local bar? Sure you could do it when the DJ plays or when it comes on the radio, but there’s something so much more to it when it is live. Seeing the music being played right in front of you allows you to really feel it. You can see the emotion in the lead singer’s face (if they are any kind of showman that is).
So if you’re going out this weekend or next, consider ditching the same old for something a little more energizing and fun. As Dane Cook said just “dance it out” and sing it out too. Go find live music and just enjoy yourself.

Side note: If you are in the Connecticut area, I highly recommend going to Margaritaville at Mohegan Sun on Saturday night. Great live band playing all of your favorite 90’s music.


5 Mar

Many people say they get antsy when they are waiting for something to come–a package, an event, a visitor, etc–but it is that feeling of anticipation that makes it all worth it. If something is not worth anticipating, how great can it really be?

Knowing that something exciting is only days away helps get us through the sludge of work and responsibilities that come before it. (After all, this is what the blog is about).

For the last 38 days I have had 2 countdowns going on the homescreen of my phone (thanks to the Countdown Widget from the Droid App Market): one for the day I leave for Florida, and the other for tomorrow, the Bon Jovi concert. A minimum of 38 days of anticipation have all led up to this weekend.

The anticipation that has been building for those 38 days has been the driving force that has gotten me motivated to do homework, work work, and push harder at the gym (Florida’s beaches and bathing suits may be the direct cause of that last one). I feel without something to look forward to the mundane would seem just, well, mundane and boring. Anticipating something great will at least distract long enough to get through what has to get done so that the fun can begin.

So go pick something exciting coming up in your future and build it up in your head so that you can’t wait to do it. And if you don’t think you have anything exciting coming up, make it happen. Call up and friend and make plans to get together, or pick a specific date to go make that big purchase you’ve been saving up forward. I promise, having something to look forward to will make all the stuff you have to do while waiting totally worth it, almost like you paid your dues for this great ending.