A Favorite Song

24 Apr

With over 8,000 songs on my iPod, it is hard to pick just one favorite song, but there comes a point when I catch myself liking a song no matter who is singing it that I know it is the one. This song is Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

Whether in the deep voice of Leonard Cohen, the raspy voice of Jon Bon Jovi, or the soft voice of Kate Voegele as soon as I hear that first line “I’ve heard there was a sacred chord” come on it is like my mind is just at ease because the song is just so relaxing. However, it is almost ironic that I find it relaxing because the song is filled with so much emotion no matter who is singing it. Cohen just wrote so much emotion into the words it is hard no to empathize pain of heartbreak when listening to it.

I invite you to listen to a few different versions below to get a better grip on what I mean.

One Response to “A Favorite Song”

  1. PYTliveyourlife April 28, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    I absolutely love finding various versions of favorite songs. Good selection! Hallelujah is really a beautiful song. You already know I love your taste in music. Such an eclectic mix from Britney Spears to rappers : )

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