Starting a New Adventure

30 Apr

School nearing an end means the end of, or at least a break from, educational reading. No more falling asleep on text books at 2 in the morning. No more looking up definitions for those big words–cough science majors. It is time to jump into a book you actually want to read.

Starting a new book is kind of like starting a new adventure. It allows you to jump into a world you wouldn’t normally, or maybe you would, experience. The new world becomes a distraction (No one bring up Radway…) from the everyday.

Recently, I’ve discovered my new favorite “world” in Gemma Halliday’s Spying in High Heels. Yea, most guys probably wouldn’t go for this one, but it was 99 cents on my Nook so I gave it a shot. Thank God I did. I am now addicted to the series, having just finished the second book this morning. What woman wouldn’t want to jump into the world of Maddie Springer, children’s shoe designer/fashion-obsessed/accidental detective? And considering it is written in first person, and this person is exactly like me, it is a super fast read. Check it out on Barnes and Noble.


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