Feeling 10 yrs old Again

2 Jul

Flash back to July 18, 1998:
Six girls between the ages of 14 and 10, and their moms of course, walking into the New Haven Coliseum with butterflies because they are about to see the Backstreet Boys perform. Crushes on Nick, Howie, and Brian consumed them as they climbed the stairs to their seats.

13 years later I can still remember hearing Alissa squeal when a little Aaron Carter came out on stage to jump on trampolines with his shoulder length blond hair as an opening act. This would begin Alissa’s crush on Aaron, which I fully supported because I saw that as less competition for Nick.

We had started the night in the car talking about the newest boy band that had performed a concert on the Disney Channel the night before, NSYNC, and how we swooned for the blond one in the shiny blue pants, Mr. Justin Timberlake, but left with nothing but Backstreet Boys on our minds.

Flash forward to June 13, 2011:
The New Haven Coliseum is now a parking lot. Those six girls are all now twenty-somethings with individual lives. And the Backstreet Boys are a man down, but have formed the super boy band NKOTBSB. It’s every 90’s girl’s dream. This night Nick, Brian, Howie, A.J., Donnie, Joey, Danny, Jordan, and Jonathon would perform at the Izod Center in New Jersey, and, thanks to Jaime, I would be there again.

Since ’98 I have seen BSB three more times, but each time I get butterflies. Don’t ask what it is. Maybe it’s the return to when life was simple, when the hardest thing I had to do was learn the words to all the songs on the Millenium album, or maybe it’s that little girl inside of me still crossing her fingers knowing Nick is now the only single Backstreet Boy. Whatever it is, I still look forward to the concerts and am on my feet dancing and singing the entire time. I came out of the Izod Center that night with such a high and could not stop gushing about the show the next day. It was amazing! So they don’t dance as much as they used to, but they’re old get over it!

BSB, along with Britney Spears and NSYNC, were what I grew up with. I have so many memories of hearing them on the radio to the extent Lady Gaga is played today, of seeing them on TRL and not being able to wait until they premiered the next video. I still have every disc they put out and will continue to buy the actual CDs as long as they are making them.

When there is emotion and memories attached to a band or artist you feel an attachment. When Britney had her meltdown, instead of trashing her with everyone else, there was a group of people, all about my age, that felt sorry for her and were pulling for her to get it together and make a comeback because it was like one of our own, a friend, had fallen.

Like Britney, there was a period where society had counted the boy bands out. They were done. Had all gone their separate ways and fallen into oblivion. But, like Britney came back, after seeing NKOTBSB show, I can proudly tell you that they are nowhere near gone. In recent years I have not seen a crowd so loud and so into a show, and while they may not have the most fans anymore, I think that speaks volumes to the fact that they still got it.

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