Books Can Be Better Than T.V… Seriously

11 Jul

It’s finally summer, like officially. As in, time to be outside (I should know. I have the sunburn to prove it). Being outside soaking up sun means no more being tied to the T.V. with your butt glued to the couch, less time with a video game controller, and more time enjoying the simpler things in life.

Many people, mostly my generation and younger, find reading incredibly boring, mostly because reading is associated with school. It’s a reasonable thought process because, let’s face it, being forced to read something factual and boring isn’t going to turn many people onto the idea of reading for fun. Since school is out in the summer–for us recent grads, it is over permanently–I have always found it the perfect time to read. Of course none of my summer reading was ever on those Summer Required Reading lists they gave out up until high school. As someone who gets bored very easily when not entertained, I have found that the best time to read in the summer is while lying by the pool or at the beach. I mean, you’re just laying there, what better thing can you do?     (Please don’t say sleep, because I do have that sunburn to prove you wrong).

While I’m outside, reading, if the book is super good, is just as good as T.V. In an earlier post I wrote about the Spying in High Heels series by Gemma Halliday and how great it was. A couple months later and I’m done with the series, have lended it out to friends, and just started the spin-off series. These books, as were the Gossip Girl books years ago, are like a T.V. drama for me. I finish one book like I would an episode: craving for more! Sometimes you have to wait for the next one. I used to count down the weeks until the new Gossip Girl book came out when I was in middle school and high school just like I would a new season of a show. And when the series is over, it is just as sad as when Friends or Will and Grace went off the air. You feel like you’re losing friends. And just like great T.V. shows, book series have spin-offs.

Like I had said before, I just started the spin-off series of Spying in High Heels called Hollywood Scandals (Part of the Hollywood Headlines series by Halliday). While one of the characters from High Heels is a regular in Hollywood Scandals, I was more excited when other characters started making guest appearances. It just acts as a reminder of how much I loved those characters before. It’s like how every role Matthew Perry plays reminds me of Chandler Bing and makes me miss him. Just like Chandler will always live on in Friends reruns (just renewed by major broadcasting networks until 2015), Marco, Maddie, and Ramirez will always live on in my Nook, but just getting to see them again for a few short pages–or, in Matthew Perry’s case, usually only a season or two–is always nice.

So don’t knock reading as a form of entertainment. It isn’t all educational. If you don’t believe me, download Barnes and Noble’s Nook app for the computer and I will be happy to lend you either series.


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