Are Your Ears Ringing?

16 Aug

The old wives’ tales say that if someone is talking about you, your ears ring, and if someone is thinking about you, you get one of those little white specks on the pink of your finger nails. I have a more practical, not to mention realistic, way to figure out if someone is thinking about you. The bring you a little surprise… duh!

If someone is walking around a store, sees something, and thinks “ya know, so-and-so would really love that,” not only are they thinking about you, but, bonus, they know you pretty well too.

Yesterday, my mom stopped at Stop & Shop on her way home from work to grab stuff for me to make dinner. While I was unpacking the grocery bag, I found a pink rice krispie¬†treat in the shape of a flip flop. Anyone who knows me knows I adore flip flops and wear them year round (What? My feet don’t like to feel confined), and my favorite color is pink. These things aren’t hard to figure out, but mom did good. It made me smile


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