Come on, Irene, Rock Me Like a Hurricane

27 Aug

I have lived in Connecticut the entire 21 years and 9 months of my life–minus time college–and we have never had a hurricane. Sure, we get little storms as it tails off into the Atlantic or after it has been downgraded thanks to too much time spent over land, but never a real hurricane… until Irene.

Here in East Haven, we’re looking at the eye of the storm going right over us. (We’re in that neon pinky-purple color. dun dun DUN) At least, that’s what they told me the last time I checked. For those of you not from the area, East Haven is located along the coast line of CT. And, to make it sound worse, I can see the water from my window. Tough life? Not normally, but with a hurricane coming it just might be.

I follow New York Mayor Bloomberg on Twitter so I have been seeing how they are evacuating the city zone by zone and shutting down city transit and begging people to stay safe. It comforts me to know that the Northeast is being cautious with this storm. It is something we haven’t seen often and people could play it dumb by underestimating the power of Mother Nature and not being prepared. It is better to be prepared than to be saying “I should have…”

It’s strange, because you would think that with an impending storm that most people around here have never been exposed to and chaos breaking out at grocery stores, Wal-Marts, and gas stations I would be a little nervous, but I’m actually excited and a little anxious for her to get here.

Black outs can be fun if they don’t last for days, which I have been warned can happen. But we’re prepared. Water? check! Non-perishables? check! Flashlights and batteries? check! Plus we have tons of candles, radios, and board games. Not to mention extra company when Jaime get here. She might be crazy for evacuating an inland apartment for a seaside condo, but at least we’ll all be together.

I might be singing a different tune come tomorrow when we get the brunt of the storm, but for now, I’m a little excited. For updates on Irene’s visit to East Haven follow me on Twitter: Katie__Sullivan


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