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A Quick Thunderstorm

24 Apr


Alright. Alright. I know I just wrote about waking up to the sun shining being a great thing, and it is. I still hold firm to that statement. But I think there is something to be said about a quick midday thunderstorm. Maybe it is the relief that comes with the blue skies that follow.
As I hinted at before, I’m spending my Easter at Camden Yards watching the Yankees take on the Orioles. A nasty storm just rolled through here. It went from sunshine to dark thundering clouds that were shooting out lightning bolts at what seemed like every two minutes. Still I was seated in my not-under-cover seat until they kicked me out just watching the storm. (Not to mention the rain felt really good on my sunburned shoulders. I told you it was sunny before) Needless to say there was a rain delay.
Just watching this storm and the energy (no pun intended) is very humbling. You can see its power and the destruction it can do. That’s why it is always good to watch from a safe, inside location.
But out in the staircase, where they allowed me to stand, I could see the blue skies in the distance. It was relieving to know that we were going to finish this extra inning tie game.

Catching a Foul Ball

24 Apr

Catching a ball at a major league game is something every fan hopes for. Little kids bring their gloves on the off-chance that one might come their way. Grown men wrestle in the stands as one bounces off the plastic seats. Getting a ball is such a rare occasion that for most (except for that guy that caught home run balls three nights in a row a couple years back) that it could be considered once in a lifetime.

At last night’s Orioles game, I caught my first foul ball. By “caught” I mean it bounced all over my section and landed under my seat, but once I got it I was not letting it go. It’s the first time I have gotten a ball not in batting practice, (in batting practice the pitchers catching fly balls in the outfield tend to throw a bunch to the fans) so I was super excited.


26 Feb

To go along with the baseball theme today, I offer you a song that is probably ringing true in hearts of a lot of the young players taking the field today down in Florida and Arizona. “Put me in Coach; I’m ready to play today; Look at me; I can be Centerfield.” John Fogerty may have release “Centerfield” back in 1985, but those words are still on the minds of many young players whether they be major leaguers, minor leaguers, or little leaguers everybody wants a chance to go show Coach what they can do. Today is Day 1 of many of their chances.