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Need to Smile?

30 Apr

Ever see something so ridiculous that you could do nothing but smile and shake your head? Love that feeling? Then look no further than today’s big event: The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Yes, today was the big day for the happy couple. Kate looked beautiful in her classy, totally-royal-wedding-appropriate, Alexander McQueen gown. However, I cannot say the same about some of the on-lookers. While many of them were dressed nicely, it was their hats that stood out… maybe a little too much.

As I caught glimpses here and there of the wedding guests (yes, just glimpses. The thing came on at 4am! A girl’s got to sleep ya know) I was looking–attempting to look might be a better term–at what they were wearing, ya know, for future reference when my invitation to the next royal wedding comes. However, I found my self gawking–and not in a good way–at what some of these women were wearing on their heads!¬†Baffled! “What were they thinking?” doesn’t begin to cover it!

Check out the collage below for some of the highlights. Princess Beatrice’s reindeer-inspired (that’s the nicer comparison floating around the Internet) is my favorite.

See the full size collage here.