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Sassy Gay Friend

3 Jul

Ask Grace Adler and Karen Walker, Glee’s Mercedes Jones, or Carrie Bradshaw and Charlotte York having a sassy gay friend is always a good thing. Whether they are around for laughs, fashion advice, or putting you in your place when it comes to relationships, having a sassy gay friend is something to be cherished.

Iconic characters like Will and Jack led the way for the sassy gay friend to be accepted by most of society. While many people are not able to reap the benefits of having the sassy gay friend, most have invited them into their homes via television. We’ve laughed with them; cried with them. Most importantly, especially with the recent movements–successful ones at that–for legalizing gay marriage, it allowed attitudes towards LGBT to change. It became a little more accepted by most and made gay lifestyle more of a norm.

Sitcoms have mostly solidified the gay stereotype, usually making characters flamboyant for comedic value. The YouTube video series “Sassy Gay Friend” is no different. In the videos a ‘sassy gay friend’ tells the female lead from classic stories how it really is–ya know, what we’re all thinking as we watched/read them.¬†Hilarity¬†ensues.