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Starting a New Adventure

30 Apr

School nearing an end means the end of, or at least a break from, educational reading. No more falling asleep on text books at 2 in the morning. No more looking up definitions for those big words–cough science majors. It is time to jump into a book you actually want to read.

Starting a new book is kind of like starting a new adventure. It allows you to jump into a world you wouldn’t normally, or maybe you would, experience. The new world becomes a distraction (No one bring up Radway…) from the everyday.

Recently, I’ve discovered my new favorite “world” in Gemma Halliday’s Spying in High Heels.¬†Yea, most guys probably wouldn’t go for this one, but it was 99 cents on my Nook so I gave it a shot. Thank God I did. I am now addicted to the series, having just finished the second book this morning. What woman wouldn’t want to jump into the world of Maddie Springer, children’s shoe designer/fashion-obsessed/accidental detective? And considering it is written in first person, and this person is exactly like me, it is a super fast read. Check it out on Barnes and Noble.