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Graduation in 15 Days?? What?

30 Apr

When did this happen?

With Salve graduation only days away, I think it is safe to say I am not the only one freaking out. With most of our futures up in the air–I really dislike those of you who already have jobs–what should be a happy rejoicing time is now becoming filled with panic attacks.

Last night at my workstudy job, my friend and I spent our night writing cover letters and sending out resumes. My friend and I both had panic attacks and were on the verge of tears within the first hour and a half of our shift, but not because of the pressure of picking the best way to word our should-barely-be-considered-work job at the computer labs to make it sound super important. It was because we spoke to our parents. While our phone calls we completely opposite, the outcome was the same. My friend’s father was pushing her and pushing her to contact this woman about a teaching job (she has already been in contact with the woman for a month, but of course that didn’t get through her father’s head), while my mom seemed like she couldn’t care less. All I got was “Stop worrying. Everything will work out.” MESSAGE TO ALL PARENTS: This line is never comforting.

After taking a good 20 minutes to recollect ourselves, it was time for some music. My friend and I are infamous for playing fun songs loudly and dancing around the office on Thursday nights–if you’ve walked through the library basement on a Thursday between 6-9 I’m sure you have noticed–so this whole murky ora that had settled was not acceptable. I opened up iTunes and as soon as I hit play all the worry was lifted out of the room.

Lesson of the night: Don’t waste time freaking out. Just turn on some good, bouncy, fun music instead.

Here are the first 2 songs that kicked off a 2 hour dance party in the UCL.