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“Live from New York It’s Saturday Night”

20 Jun

Okay, so it’s not Saturday night. It’s Monday afternoon, but Saturday Night Live makes me laugh no matter what day it is.

I can’t remember the last time I actually watched SNL on Saturday night, but thanks to Hulu and YouTube the highlight skits keep my cracking up. The one I am hooked on right now is “Immigrant Tale.” Anyone around my age who lived through the boy band/Justin Timberlake years will LOVE this!

My favorite parts are Justin explaining/defending himself to a bunch of immigrants from the 1900’s. Things like what “bringing sexy back” means (“But where did it go?”) and his virgin status while dating Britney Spears (“Publicly they said they were virgins, but secretly he hit that”) make me crack up every time.



PS: Big thanks to Morgan who showed me this during a stressful thesis-writing night.