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Finding the other shoe

1 Jul

Everyone has those mornings where it seems you have to run back upstairs/inside fifty times to get everything you have forgotten. For some of us those mornings are more of a frequent occurence. I, for one, like to think I get my morning work out doing stairs in heels. Up, down, up, down at least four times before the key turns in the ignition.

Today was another one of those mornings, however it wasn’t because I forgot something. I was on a hunt. Somehow, in the midst of moving home from school, my favorite flats got separated. One was in my shoe organizer, but the other was no where to be found. My first thought was that I left it in Newport. But then I remembered my mentality of “no shoe left behind.” This is where the up-down fiasco begins, as does my hatred of living in a town house. Down to the basement, back up to my room, then up to the attic. Still no little black flat. So back down to the basement (mind you there are only 3 unpacked boxes so this shouldn’t be this hard). As I am tearing through them, still not finding my desired shoe, I do come across another treasure. My favorite Calvin Klein flip flop that I thought I lost! While it took me a month and a half of being home to discover my missing flat, the lost flip flop was like a whole in my heart (err closet rather). Clearly, this happy discovery changed my shoe selection for the day.

While I’m ecstatic to find my flip flop, it now begs the question: Why was it in the box with all my books??

In honor of my shoe fiasco this morning, I offer you an old Youtube classic, SHOES!