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Coming Home

22 Mar

Many people long for a vacation. We all sit at our desks with out heads in La-La-Land daydreaming about laying on a beach somewhere warm. At least that’s usually where my mind is, especially after this winter. And sure vacation is nice. Okay, vacation is usually amazing. But what about how good it feels to come home.

I love coming home to my own bed. There’s just something about that worn in spot that is so comforting. Hotel beds are usually nice, ya know, if you don’t stay at the¬†Cockroach¬†Inn, but there is nothing like curling up under your own blankets.

When children are little their beds are their safe places. It is where they hide under the covers from the monsters in their closets and when they have nightmares. Your own bed offers a certain comfort from the outside world and gives this feeling that you can finally be at peace and really get a good night’s sleep.