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Need to Smile?

30 Apr

Ever see something so ridiculous that you could do nothing but smile and shake your head? Love that feeling? Then look no further than today’s big event: The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Yes, today was the big day for the happy couple. Kate looked beautiful in her classy, totally-royal-wedding-appropriate, Alexander McQueen gown. However, I cannot say the same about some of the on-lookers. While many of them were dressed nicely, it was their hats that stood out… maybe a little too much.

As I caught glimpses here and there of the wedding guests (yes, just glimpses. The thing came on at 4am! A girl’s got to sleep ya know) I was looking–attempting to look might be a better term–at what they were wearing, ya know, for future reference when my invitation to the next royal wedding comes. However, I found my self gawking–and not in a good way–at what some of these women were wearing on their heads!¬†Baffled! “What were they thinking?” doesn’t begin to cover it!

Check out the collage below for some of the highlights. Princess Beatrice’s reindeer-inspired (that’s the nicer comparison floating around the Internet) is my favorite.

See the full size collage here.

Catching a Foul Ball

24 Apr

Catching a ball at a major league game is something every fan hopes for. Little kids bring their gloves on the off-chance that one might come their way. Grown men wrestle in the stands as one bounces off the plastic seats. Getting a ball is such a rare occasion that for most (except for that guy that caught home run balls three nights in a row a couple years back) that it could be considered once in a lifetime.

At last night’s Orioles game, I caught my first foul ball. By “caught” I mean it bounced all over my section and landed under my seat, but once I got it I was not letting it go. It’s the first time I have gotten a ball not in batting practice, (in batting practice the pitchers catching fly balls in the outfield tend to throw a bunch to the fans) so I was super excited.

Go For a Drive on a Warm Day

17 Feb

I think we all know, especially if you live in the North, how bad of a winter it has been. There’s been blizzards, feet of snow, ice, all that cold stuff all New Englanders complain about, but never move to avoid.

But today was something of a different note. Here the temperature is supposed to reach the high 40’s, maybe 50. And at home, it is supposed to be almost 60. To say this is unusual would be right, but, again, it’s New England so a weather roller coaster is not too far out of the ordinary.

I hate the cold so today was a great day to be outside. The best part of my day? Simply going for a drive.

Going for a long drive with the sunroof open, my sunglasses on, and my “Feels Like Summer” playlist (See “Feels Like Summer” post for highlights from the playlist) blasting through the car speakers took priority over any homework I had to do job I had to be at. Continue reading